About Me

Welcome to my webpage. I am an education economist seeking to better understand the challenges in developing higher-order skills in disadvantaged students attending schools and colleges in lower-income countries. 

I am currently a Ph.D. candidate in Economics and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, and an NAEd/Spencer Dissertation Fellow 2023

I am on the job market in AY 2023-24. 

In my job market paper, I conducted a field experiment of a program aimed at cultivating innovation skills in school children from low-caste and tribal backgrounds who attend government schools in Telangana.  This paper serves as a noteworthy example of a successful collaboration between a government entity and a nonprofit organization, working together to cultivate a crucial higher-order skill linked to economic growth.

I am also excited about two upcoming projects starting in 2024, which will center on innovation and STEM programs for disadvantaged students in secondary and higher education.

Find my latest CV here. You can email me at sg3735-at-tc-dot-columbia-dot-edu

Primary Fields: Development Economics, Labor Economics

Secondary Fields: Economics and Education, Economics of Innovation

Photo Courtesy: Alex Eble